Friday, August 1, 2008

Making over a thrifted picture

with scrapbook paper and the letter "H"

Making over a thrifted picture originally from Target was fun and easy. I picked it up with an armload of other stuff for $3.00, so I probably paid about $1.00 for it. The picture wasn't me at all, but I knew the frame and mat could be something great, so the wheels started turning. It's time for a makeover!!

I didn't remember to take a before picture until after I had started painting the mat, so you will see a half painted mat and the picture that came out of the frame.

The mat was a brown mottled look. Nice, but not what I needed:

Here is the picture that was in the frame. Just not me:

I wanted a monogram for this makeover, so I sketched out an "H" on an Aldi ad, just for practice. I like it, so I just filled it in right on the ad with a sharpie:

Last but not least, my daughter and I put it all together and it was ready to hang. I use artist pins to hang almost everything in my house. They only make a small hole and they are strong. My box says "nickel steel pins size 17". They certainly wouldn't work for Great Grandma's priceless treasure or something heavy, but for small things they work so well:

I cut the "H" out of the ad, sprayed it with spray adhesive and attached it to a piece of scrap book paper. Oh, the wonders of scrapbook paper.

Here it is:

sorry about the laundry reflections in the background. I'll post a better picture later.

Victoria did something amazing with scrapbook paper today. I can't wait for her to post it for all to see. Stay tuned...



Shannon said...

This is very cute! I love it! I enjoyed looking through your blog!

Joy said...

I Like Your Newest Project!
About your question...When I paint furniture I use spray paint if the project is small &/or I want it to be done quickly, but on most furniture pieces I use a latex paint and I'll often put in an additive like Flowtrol to thin it so that it goes on smoothly. I hope that answers your question.

Christina said...

Shannon and Joy,

Thanks for stopping by our little blog. We appreciate your comments.

Joy- thanks for the answer to Victoria's question. That will help me too.

Darlene said...

OMG...another adorable make-over using the H. I think I am going to have to put you to favorites so I can keep up with what all you do..great blog!!