Sunday, February 14, 2010


We both miss you all in blogland and as you can see we haven't been blogging much as of late. Victoria has something exciting going on in her life and and some point in the future she will share some of her new adventure and projects.

Today I will leave you with some pictures that my husband took of the snowfall that we had in Georgia this past weekend. We just don't get blessed with snow very often and certainly not this amount. What some of you have everyday during the winter is a special occurrence here. They close the schools and pull out the 3 snowplows and the news anchors have a great time talking about the "Blizzard of 2010" or something equally funny and all of the stores sell out of bread, milk and rock salt. That is a wonderful part of the snowfall for me. It is fun, funny and just what you do when snow falls in GA.


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Our dog, Max, enjoying the snow.

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Be back as soon as we can.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

As you can tell, Christina and I have been extremely busy over the past month and a half! Because of this, I thought I would share a couple Valentine highlights from last year.

(Christina's heart from the Target dollar spot in 2009)

Mmmmm look at this heart shaped breakfast she served at her house. Egg in a heart shaped nest of toast and the middle toasted up with butter and cinnamon sugar.

A little "love" sign Sweet Girl and I made
Heart ice cubes made out of raspberry lemonade..,4 year olds LOVE little things like this!
Corner cabinet decorations.
All decorated for Sweet Girl's Valentine's Party

Looking for some homemade Valentine ideas? For little girls and guys there is this darling little Puppy Dog that my 5 year old nephew made last year.

Or this kitty valentine that Sweet Girl and I put together last year...

If you have older kids these Valentine cupcakes that Chloe and Christina made are darling!

Hope that you and your loved ones will find simple ways to celebrate Valentine's Day this year!