Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrifty finds

I haven't been to many yard sales or to Goodwill of late due to my little one starting school...
and Momma starting a new schedule (insert picture of tired Mommy here)!

I am pleased to announce that we have both adjusted well and I can get back to yard sales, Goodwill, playing house and having fun! :-)

Saturday I snuck away with my SIL Meg to a couple of yard sales and found a few great items.

First off, check out this fabric....pretty, huh? My Sweet Girl walked into the room a few minutes ago and exclaimed "Mom, what a beautiful blanket!". :)

How about a Full/Queen duvet and 2 shams made out of it for $2!

I bought this little cannister for 75 cents.

I am thinking of spray painting it white. Any thoughts???
I almost passed this next baby by since it's not my style but then it dawned on me that I could spray paint it and use scrapbook paper to make it more to my liking!

Last year I saw all the darling Advent calendars that everyone had and was wishing I had one. For $2 now I do!

I also bought my Sweet Girl a bag of Polly Pockets for a quarter, a little laptop computer game thingy for her for $1 and a bag of costumes (pirate, batman, etc) for $1 for my nephew to dress up in when he comes over to play.

I was thrilled with my finds from just 3 little yard sales!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I ♥ Faces and Bubbles

Have you ever visited the blog I ♥ Faces? Each week they have a themed photography contest. This week the theme is bubbles and I just had to post a picture that I took of Victoria's sweet girl. We recently did a photo session for her 4th birthday. We had such fun running, jumping, playing with bubbles and of course sweating in the GA heat.


The contests are open to everyone, so check it out.


Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little Organization

Today we are joining Kim over at Twice Remembered for Make Your Monday. I've already been visiting some of the other gals that linked up and there are some fabulous makeovers over there. If you don't know Kim's blog you will be pleased to find a gold mine of information and major eye candy.

As is often the case I was all set up to start and then almost forgot to take a before picture of my project.

I found this wire organizer at a yard sale over a year ago for $1.00.

Last week while over at Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh site, I found this fantastic inspiration picture that immediately sent my mind whirling. Isn't it great. Love the clothes pins in the picture, but didn't get that done and probably won't.

I made a template and traced the shape onto thick cardboard and then painted them with chalkboard paint.
058 copy

A quick coat of Dover White spray paint and a little tape, and we have a new organizer for school papers.


100 copy


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Another Ordinary Goodwill Day

Beautiful white plates, oh my! All five for $3.76 (yes another weird Goodwill price). The stamp on the bottom says Myott Olde Chelsea Staffordshire England.

These were really just a surprise to me. I almost overlooked them as the store was about to close in a few minutes and I was rushing through. Our Goodwill has started taping all of the plates of a same style together, so you can't always tell if they are chipped or in good shape. Loving the shape, I decided to buy the stack and at least use them for hanging, chipped or not. When unwrapped, I was pleasantly surprised that they are all free of chips and in good shape. I would have untaped them if they were something that was too expensive to gamble on or if I was specifically buying them to for eating instead of hanging. It annoys me that they tape them, though I'm sure it helps things stay together.

Also found the darling little creamer. There is no mark on the bottom, but it really looks like it could be a match to the plates.

As we were heading to the register, we saw this bench.

The fabric is hideous and honestly it grossed me out, though I don't know why it particularly bothered me any more than other things I've bought in the past.

Fun things for a quick trip just before closing. The bench was 15% off as they announced a "furniture sale" in the last 15 min. before closing.

Chloe found some adorable Polka-dotted rain boots originally from Target. She has wanted some and there is no way that I'm paying $30.00 for rain boots. This made both of us happy and adds another pair of plastic boots for trips to the swamp at my parents house.

Enjoy looking! I am heading over to participate in Leigh's Thrifty Thursdays at Tales from Bloggeritaville

and Holly's Thrift Store Thursdays at Homebody.

Don't miss out visiting all of the great links at both of these blogs and you might even want to join the party.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Totally Random Thrifting

Not lots of time to go thrifting or to yard sales as of late, but I do have a few things to show you.

Victoria has really found some great deals lately and I was the recipient of two of them.

She found a pair of Pottery Barn curtains for $10 at Goodwill recently. Because I am very indecisive and can't decide if I want to put them in my son's bedroom or mine, they are still in a bag. Isn't that sad. Oops, I have stored the bag somewhere and can't put my hands on it at this moment. I'll show them to you all sometime. They are a great floor length drape in basic khaki color.

I had been wanting an umbrella stand for my patio table. They are so expensive! We found one at Aldi, and though not really pretty, it does the job. Vic called me recently and said she found one at a yard sale---the word fluer de lis was mentioned and that was all it took. Oh, and the $3.00 price tag. Wow! In the end she took everything she was buying to the lady and I think she ended up only paying $2.00 for it. Even better.

I found this flour sack at a garage sale about a month ago. 75 cents!!

At a friends yard sale I recently picked up these perfectly good muck boots for $1.00!!! Her son had used them once and they had been sitting around in the way in their garage.

My parents have a swampy place in the woods that the kiddos love to go to. Turtles, mud and the possibility of snakes abound. These tall boots will be great for adventures to the swamp and though there have not been snakes seen there yet, my dad did kill a copperhead in his yard. Yay, boots that offer a little bit of protection and can easily be hosed off.

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and Leigh always has some fun going on with Thifty Thursdays!

Oh and if you haven't been over to Holly's blog lately, please check out some fantastic projects that she did when her sisters were in town recently here and here. Sisters are the best, aren't they??? You know we love sisters here at As Time Goes By.: )


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Country Ick Makover

I bought this little bulletin board at Goodwill awhile ago. Yikes, but I saw some potential.


I asked Chloe if she wanted to help me remake it and she told me that she didn't want any part of my tearing up something so cute. : O.

So I gathered supplies and started the project all by myself. Burlap and printable vintage sheet music from here.


Better? I think so.
049 copy copy
A crown knob from Hobby Lobby attached to add interest.

042 copy

I've always meant to join Kimm over at Reinvented for here Trash to Treasure Tuesday, but never have until today.

Make sure to go over and check out other Trash to Treasure makeovers.

Excuse the scratches. After I painted it, I dropped it on the concrete. : )