Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laundry rooms

creative commons picture

Well, Christina bravely showed her scary laundry room, which really didn't look that scary to me, so today I thought it'd be neat to show mine (NOT - mine would actually be scary!). Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to take a look at a few laundry rooms that are actually decorated and places you would want to do laundry. :)

I think of my sister in law who has to walk through her laundry every day on the way out to the garage so she decorated her laundry room right away after moving into her house. I will have to beg pictures from her to post as it is an adorable room!

This is one of Christina's inspirations for redoing her laundry room (especially the lamp picture). If you haven't checked out Tracey's site before you must do it now. She comes up with some of the most fabulous makeovers ever. She is also an inspiration if you read about any of her personal trials.

I came across Carrie's site this morning and thought her laundry room was so clean, calm and soothing (love the wall colors).

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality has a beautiful laundry room as well. I love the black accents against the green walls!

So maybe this will inspire you, and me, to make our laundry rooms a little more homey and somewhere we would actually want to do laundry. Oh ok, I doubt we'll ever WANT to do laundry but you know what I mean!


Meg said...

You know my situation... talk about a challenge!?!? Hopefully my house will sell and I will be able to have that wonderful thing called a laundry room! Me and Heather talked about you today! Only good things of course :)

SarahK355 said...

I am with you on the selling bit. I can't wait to feel perminant enough to paint something like the laundry room. Miss you! Did you make the children's consignment sale?

M.L. said...

Thank you for your kind comment about my sheer white bedroom panels. I enjoyed looking over your blog very much. Today I posted some photos of the walls we are stenciling in my daughter's room using a huge french damask design. Feel free to take a peek. :) M.L. @