Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dumpster chair

Thought I'd share a picture of the chair that I pulled out of the dumpster on my excursion with my sisters.

My first thought when I saw the chair (without the bottom) was that I could use it outside as a flower chair. Then I spied the chair bottom in the dumpster and risked my life (JK) to get it out too. Don't you just love the detail of the legs?

I recovered the seat quickly with some toile fabric I had left from some pillows my sister made me. For the time being, a little pillow is sitting on the chair.

Eventually I might whitewash or paint the chair but for now it is happily residing in my living room just like it is.



Darlene said...

THAT was in the dumpster???? OH my, what an adorable chair....great job it is beautiful!!!

Shannon said...

Who would throw away a chair like that!!! That is great!

Angela said...

Can you believe people throw things away like this? At least donate it or something! But lucky for you!

Thank you for your comment! And let me know if you want company when you are going to Scott's. :)

Lots of great projects on your blog.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I love that chair! I have a thing for chairs & can hardly pass them up at yardsales even though I have NO MORE ROOM for them. and yes, I do love those legs...it's so cute!

Thanks for stopping by to see me again. You know I will keep that comforter set!


Meg said...

I love it! I will think twice next time I see a dumpster that's for sure.

Meg said...

Love the new look!!!

Reynie said...

Hi. I found my way over here from Meg's blog.

I love the chair. I have been looking for the exact same type of chair to no avail yet! It looks great with the toile print. Don't you just love toile. It's so elegant and fun! Great job!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Girls,
Can't believe anyone would put a chair like that in a dumpster!

Aren't you lucky that you came along at the right time?

I love how you've fixed it up!

Thanks for linking to me...and hope you'll come back again,