Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Renewing Grandpa's Table

Several weeks ago Chloe and I were at Marshalls and she commented on a cute table.  We both  agreed that something like it would be perfect for her bedside table.

The color was a little too much of a dusky blue and honestly the $80.00 price tag didn't entice us either.  We needed something brighter.   I mentioned to her that we had the perfect table at home that we could renew for her room.  Another plus is that it had drawers which would be even better for a bedside table. 

Fast forward to a few days later and we got to work.  This table has always been "Grandpa's table."  The table is special because my husband's grandfather made it. It has a date and his signature on the bottom. My mil gave it to us many years ago and it has moved from room to room just like everything around here.   It was painted white but was very gunky from years of being repainted. We stripped the old paint off and of course I didn't think to take a before picture until that was almost done (see picture at the bottom of this post).  We sanded it down and then added some paint.  It still has imperfections, but we are ok with that.

Now painted a bright pop of aqua, it is perfect for all the things a girl needs at her finger tips.

Hobby Lobby came through with the knobs. They just happened to be 50% off that week, which makes it all the more rewarding.

We are still in the midst of finding the perfect lamp (honestly we threw the lava lamp on for the picture) and some other things for this reincarnation of Chloe's room. She is so creative has a definite style of her own.  Mom doesn't get to make all of those decisions anymore and that is fine by me!

Now it has a new home beside Chloe's bed.  It makes me happy that another generation gets to enjoy the fruits of Grandpa's labor.

Enjoy your Tuesday.  Here in GA it is bright, sunny and 73 degrees.