Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween decor tid bits

Do you recognize this glass??? Remember the glassware makeover I talked about? This was phase 1.

Here is it before....Isn't it beautiful in black? Take an ordinary Goodwill glass and give it a coat of black spray paint. You know, this would work in ANY color....yellow and pink in the springtime, red for my wheels are turning...

Can you find this jewel ...
in the picture below?
Yep, that's it on the right painted black.

In my living room I kept most of my decorating neutral, like these pumpkins in my Apothecary Jar and the mini-pumpkins above.

My dining area I decked out in black.

BOO letters are just cut out paper taped on the plates.
Brass owl painted black...
Vintage fork holding an owl I printed out last year...
Last year he was in a frame...

55 cent frame and picture I spray painted black (um you'd think I would have thought to say "Eeek" or something BESIDES "BOO"!).

Have to throw in some cute stuff for my Sweet Girl!

Want to see more? Check out Christina's and my decor from last year here.


Monday, October 26, 2009


Guest post by our little sis Rebekah who is currently at UGA studying Ag Ed.

In a college town Halloween is a BIG deal, even if you are in a small town in south Ga! So I've found some cheap thing at flea markets and the Dollar Tree to get the house ready for our Halloween party next week.

My roommate and I live in an old historical house which already sets the mood for the season!

Before anyone starts thinking "How does a college student afford that kind of a place?" let me confess that we just rent one of the downstairs apartments!

After entering into our haunted place the witch of the house will great you with creepy surprise and treats!

As you make your way into the room you will encounter other wickedly wonderful delights!

This little guy came from the Dollar Tree.

No haunted house is complete without skeletons and graves!

Everything that you see here was gotten at a flea market, thrift store, or Dollar Tree.

Kinda spoooky to most people is that the steer head normally adorns our coffee table and is not a seasonal item to us! In our defense it has an appeal for those of us that are fortunate enough to have a love and passion for Agriculture.

However, its been super easy to make it even spookier for the season!

I decided to take the dried flowers that I've saved from my boyfriend and turn them into a lonely neglected display you would find in an abandoned house!

As we move on through the house we make our way into the kitchen. Here you are welcomed by the daily menu at the "Pumpkin Heads Deadly Diner"!

In this kitchen you never know what you're going to get served!

We just might gross you out with our cooking ingredients.....jellylike eyeball... one squishy brain...fresh heart

Well, I hope ya'll have enjoyed the little tour of our haunted house, I must chop it off here because that is as far as I've gotten!

Have a Happy Spooktacular Halloween!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Gold tree anyone????


I saw this in the spring time and remembered the Pottery Barn trees from last Halloween that were around $59. Isn't that SCARY????????? Forget ghosts and goblins, I say scary is overpriced spooky trees. :)


Coat gold $2.92 Goodwill tree with some black paint and have your own
spooky tree without the scary price.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well...I wish there was a big TA DA moment with my curtains but I've run into a bit o trouble with them.

While the Procrastination Party over at The Inspired Room definitely helped in that I finished sewing my curtains, the rod hanging and finishing hasn't worked out exactly as I figured it would. Long ago I picked up some finials and holders at a yard sale for $1. I decided to use these and bought a dowel rod to use with the curtains. I also decided to use clip rings to hold the curtains but it just didn't look right...
My sisters suggested I paint the clip rings so I painted a few orange shower curtain hooks (I wasn't ready to commit to painting my brand new clips yet) to see what it would look like (forgive the messy look...these clips are barely holding the curtain up there and if I try to straighten them, they will fall out!) and here is the outcome...
then I wondered what it would look like if I sewed a pocked at the top of the curtain and ran the rod through it, similar to these curtains from Ballard Designs.
Since I am a visual person, I pinned the curtains over the top of the rod just to get an idea of what it would look like (again, forgive the messy look...this was a quick pinning job)
and then here they are on the same rod.
Bottom line? I need YOUR help! Please let me know what YOU think. Which do you think looks best or do you have any other suggestions?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Autumn wreath

I found this square wreath at Goodwill today for $1.71 and liked the shape.

I'm not too fond of hearts on things so I took all the trimmings off.

I then took this bag of potpourri that I bought on another trip to the GW for $1.51, opened it and hot glued items to the wreath.
It is very basic, not real frufru, and I like that!

And that folks, is my Autumn wreath in a jiffy!

Edited to add: I forgot to thank Robin from yesterday for the Best Blog award!!! Christina and I enjoy blogging and all the friends we have made in the process. Happy Friday everyone!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sale, sale, sale...


I went to Walmart today and noticed their Cinderella pumpkins and other gray/green pumpkins, gourds were now 25 cents a lb vs 68 cents a lb. I purchased 3 for $12 and was pleased with that price. Please DO NOT TELL ME if there is some other great sale somewhere and that I could have bought all of them for $5.

For those of you who don't know me, I have a little magazine problem. It's called not throwing them away! :) This year I let all my subscriptions go (except for a free MS Living subscription) until I purged some of my older issues. However, just the other day on my new favorite site I saw a post about a Hot Magazine Sale!. Imagine my delight and surprise when I saw that I could get a year's subscription to Country Living (a favorite of mine for years!) for $5.20!!! Yes, $5.20 and for that price, I broke from my no more new magazines decision and purchased a years subscription. Check out the listings of magazines and then get the code to get an additional 50% off!

I am working on the curtains every day, in spite of a backache and a 4 year old! Here's how I make curtains...

Borrow a child for my Sweet Girl to play with and when they get tired of playing dress up, put Angelina Ballerina on Daddy's BIG SCREEN in the basement...
pop some popcorn and let them watch
while I sew as fast as I can on my 40 year old free sewing machine. :)
Tune in tomorrow and I'll show an easy-peasy wreath I made.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Who me? A procrastinator???

Yep, that's me. I need a deadline to get anything done. Not one of my favorite qualities.

I haven't had curtains in my living room since we moved in. :) So you're thinking we moved in 6 mo ago, right? YEAH....right. Try 10+ years ago. Honestly, I haven't really wanted curtains until recently because that would just be one more dust catcher and I hadn't heard of the Nester until a year ago or so.

Now I am ready. Ready but just haven't done it. So here's my statement of intent to curtainize (sure it's a word) these windows for the Procrastinators Party over at the Inspired Room on the 20th.
I know you all will be waiting with bated breath to see my curtain mistreatments. Come to think of it...I will be too. :)

Curtains are just one step in the long (seemingly never-ending) process of re-doing the living room. Hopefully once I get the curtains up I will be on a roll and get the rest done quickly! One can always hope....

FYI ... Hancocks Fabric has their Home Decor fabric 50% off this Sunday and Monday so if you've been eyeballling some fabric, now might be the time to snatch it up!