Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's the Little Things

Happy April 1st! Spring is here in these parts and so is the pollen! Oh so much pollen. With it comes sneezing and itchy eyes, but even so there is beauty abounding. Just add lots of allergy meds and all will be well. ; )

Lots of pictures today of things that inspire me. Very random, but so many little random things make me happy.

My sister-in-law Julie made these fabulous flower cookies and cupcakes for her daughter's 2nd birthday. When her husband's schedule has him working in the evenings she decided to learn how to do color flow icing. I think she did a fabulous job. She told me that it is lots of fun to learn and do. We were able to eat the delicious cupcakes at the party and then take the flower home for a treat later.

I thought you might enjoy another peek at a silhouette from my old book.
Isn't this delightful?

I know several of you will enjoy and appreciate this. Chloe is studying heritage in Girl Scouts and had to take something with family history to show last week. We pulled out this yo-yo quilt that was given to me years ago.

I appreciate the hard work that went into this, though these types of tedious projects are not for me.

Chloe with one of many dandelions from our yard. Yes, I know we are spreading the seeds, but you just gotta do this a few times every year!

We had tons of rain last week and on Sunday we saw these two geese feeding in a large puddle at the school behind our house. The female (or at least I assume) only had one foot. She had the top part of her leg, buy the web part was gone. It was a little sad, but she was doing just fine. The male kept a very close eye on us, but I was able to get some pictures.

Have you seen the new bottles at Bath and Body Works? They are much prettier than before. I tried this new scent. We will see if it gives me a headache. I'm usually just a Warm Vanilla Sugar girl. I refuse to smell like a tangerine, or a grapefruit, but that's just me.

They also had these wonderful butterfly mobiles hanging over the displays for the new scent. They were fabulous. Wish I had taken a picture.

Happy spring. Find the little things in life that inspire you and make you happy!



Amelia said...

As always I love your pictures.

They are so vivid -

Victoria said...

I love smelling like a tangerine! ;) He he.

Love Julie's cupcakes & cookies. What a great spring birthday idea.

I had forgotten all about your quilt. I need to pull out my pink & yellow one. Were they Aunt Lucille's?

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Those cupcakes and cookies are so pretty and fresh looking--love them!

~ Sarah

Darlene said...

All the pictures are just beautiful but those cupcakes with cookie flowers are just delightful!!! How CUTE!!

cindy said...

Love the new scent at B&BW...and those butterfly mobiles were amazing. I've been wanting to make one ever since I saw them. Hope the frangrance does not give you a headache, it's quite lovely, reminds me of magnolia's or paperwhites.

SarahWhite said...

I cannot believe how many decorating things we have in common! I have loved reading your blog and plan on making you one of my daily reads...:))

Meg said...

I love the geese! That's so sad about that one's leg. I bet something bit if off under the water at some point. I'm just sitting here thinking of all the ways it could have lost it's leg!

Carrie said...

i love all of your pictures!

I am a fan of your site stop my site to check it out!

Tara said...

Gorgeous photos and I love the vintage book characters, I just cut a few out of one of my books too! so cute! Also love the cupcakes!

Shannon said...

Those cupcakes are adorable!! So cute! Also, that quilt is amazing!

Julianna said...

Just got around to catching up on blogs - whole week behind! Great spring post. I also love your pictures!

Those cupcakes are cute, aren't they? ;-)