Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Round of Thrifty Finds and a Makeover

I haven't posted a makeover in a long time and those are my favorite kinds of posts. It is just thrilling to see all of the wonderful things you girls do with your thrifty finds.

We found this basket a couple of months ago at Goodwill. It is large and very sturdy. I didn't remember to take a picture of before with the handle on.

While it was a great basket just like it was, there was an idea brewing in the back of my mind--This would be a great basket for my photography sessions of newborns and littles.

This is kind of what I envision with a newborn baby in it or a vintage look with an older baby sitting in it with just a diaper on. Sorry not a great picture, I was doing this quickly and the fur is overtaking the basket without something in it.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out and will enjoy having it in my house also.

We are joining in with Thrifty Thursday. Please head over and see all of the treasures that everyone has unearthed this week.

This picture was $1.55. The frame is a goldish bronze color and not attractive.

Here it is with a coat of cream paint. It's ok, but don't love it. I'm going to try it in black.

These candlesticks are going to get a coat of the same paint as the basket and frame above. I always find lots of iron looking things like these in my searching, but these were a little more unique with the little crystals hanging from them.

I found five of these chairs on a recent thrifting excursion. They were $35.00 total. That is probably thrifty to some and too expensive to others. The cane backs on the chairs drew me right to them. I put the one with the tag in my buggy and was stopped twice on my way though the store by people asking how much they were and telling me what neat chairs they were.
Here I am experimenting with color. My first thought was black, and then cream came to mind. I sprayed the upper portion of the chair just I can walk by it for the next few days and decide if it is going to stay that way or not. Does anyone else every have to do this?

These chairs could be wonderful in so many colors---red, lime green, yellow, pink. So many choices. The fifth one may get a coat of one of those fabulous colors and be used for photography.



C Maisy said...

love it ALL!!!!

Amelia said...

The large box will be great for baby picture taking. The other items certainly have potential to look great in a make-over.

Let us know what color you decide on the chairs.

Tracy said...

Wow, I love it ALL! Great, great finds. That box will be PERFECT for baby photos. = )

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hey Girl! You have lots of great things there. The chair is my favorite, What a great piece! Thanks for joining in my friend!

Dawn said...

Great finds! I love the transformation of that basket!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

Victoria said...

Hmmm...I haven't seen the chairs! They are really great.

Love the other finds as well.

Darlene said...

Great finds....I think those chairs are great and I love that one you have already painted. It looks so summery! Those will be great props for pictures!

Jennifer said...

I love the wooden basket. I love that chair! I really have a hardtime finding good chairs. I love when you can make off with a hall for little to nothing!
Have A Great Day!
Jennifer :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts. I love how you've renovated everything!

jen said...

I love the basket and those CHAIRS!!!


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

I love your makeovers! The basket is so sweet :) Seeing other peoples makeover projects inspire me so much - earlier today I posted my gumball machine makeover, lol. Folks like us will redo anything!

Lynn said...

I also love stories and pictures of great finds and the makeover that follows! I'll be checking back for more!

Chrissie Grace said...

I love it all but especially the box!!:)