Monday, October 26, 2009


Guest post by our little sis Rebekah who is currently at UGA studying Ag Ed.

In a college town Halloween is a BIG deal, even if you are in a small town in south Ga! So I've found some cheap thing at flea markets and the Dollar Tree to get the house ready for our Halloween party next week.

My roommate and I live in an old historical house which already sets the mood for the season!

Before anyone starts thinking "How does a college student afford that kind of a place?" let me confess that we just rent one of the downstairs apartments!

After entering into our haunted place the witch of the house will great you with creepy surprise and treats!

As you make your way into the room you will encounter other wickedly wonderful delights!

This little guy came from the Dollar Tree.

No haunted house is complete without skeletons and graves!

Everything that you see here was gotten at a flea market, thrift store, or Dollar Tree.

Kinda spoooky to most people is that the steer head normally adorns our coffee table and is not a seasonal item to us! In our defense it has an appeal for those of us that are fortunate enough to have a love and passion for Agriculture.

However, its been super easy to make it even spookier for the season!

I decided to take the dried flowers that I've saved from my boyfriend and turn them into a lonely neglected display you would find in an abandoned house!

As we move on through the house we make our way into the kitchen. Here you are welcomed by the daily menu at the "Pumpkin Heads Deadly Diner"!

In this kitchen you never know what you're going to get served!

We just might gross you out with our cooking ingredients.....jellylike eyeball... one squishy brain...fresh heart

Well, I hope ya'll have enjoyed the little tour of our haunted house, I must chop it off here because that is as far as I've gotten!

Have a Happy Spooktacular Halloween!



Amelia said...

"Boo" back to you...have fun with your friends at this party! Also, you did quite well in your decorating with limited cash!

Jamie said...

Great house and great decorations! Very spooky! I've been looking everywhere for a black crow like yours!

Darlene said...

You have done a FABULOUS decorating job on a budget!! I think you will have a spooktacular Halloween party next week!

Christina said...

Hey Bek---I want to live in your apartment too. The house is beautiful. Love your decorations. Looks like you have had lots of fun getting into it. I think I will pass on eating at your place. ; )

You did good! I mentioned this already on FB, but your black tree turned out fabulous.

Carrie said...

Love everything! I live about 40 minutes from Athens!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a beautiful house! My parents live in Athens, and the older homes there are wonderful. I know you have had fun decorating for all of the Halloween festivities. Enjoyed the tour. Jackie

Katie said...

I LOVE THAT HOUSE. I want a brand new one that looks like this. Love the decor. spooky.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great ideas, and I have to say that house is darling!!! I am so jealous!

Keetha Broyles said...

I am IN LOVE with your house!!! I'm talking just now about the exterior of it - - - it had me at "hello!"