Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Shout Out to a Blogging Friend

Just wanted to put up a shout out to Melanie Elissa. If you read this, could you e-mail me. I love your blog and have tried to comment on several of your posts and couldn't. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that the comments don't seem to be working.

Our e-mail is Christina-Victoria@bellsouth.net. Look forward to hearing from you if you see this. Hope you don't think I'm too crazy.

Check out Victoria's latest post filled with her most recent finds here.

Until tomorrow ladies!



jennifer said...

I once did a post asking who Brenda was... I couldn't get to her blog by clicking through in comments. We figured out who she was... well, she knew already but I found out... and she fixed the problem with her link!

shopannies said...

thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi

Melanie Elissa said...

I think I fixed it!! I also sent you an email!! Have a fabulous day!!