Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Cook Out and We've been BOO,ed

We've been BOO'ed by Rambling Goat Chick. Yikes!! Blogging has been so fun--getting to "know" some of you girls!

On my birthday (again, thank you for all of the birthday wishes), we did our annual pumpkin carving.

Here is my resident pumpkin gutter. She has loved this job since she was a toddler.

Ewwww! Pumpkin guts!!

Ian is glad to take the lid off, but he leaves the guts to Chloe.

I think the best part of pumpkin carving is getting the seeds out for roasting.
If you haven't ever roasted the seeds, you have missed out. Oh yum!
Here are some instructions. I usually just use canola oil instead of butter.

Meet Robo-Jack

A fire ready for roasting hot dogs.

We added s'mores and hot chocolate to the party. It was a fun filled evening of family togetherness.

If you like s'mores and want something to carry with you to a party, take a look at these over at Daisy Cottage. Yum!

Happy Thursday.


Darlene said...

Oh, it looks like a GREAT time was had by all. LOVE Robo Pumpkin!!! We carved our pumpkins last was just so much fun!!! Oh, and your smores sound delicious...I absolutely LOVE smores!

Amelia said...

Creating memories with those kids...great fun and family!


Victoria said...

Mmmmm and why oh why wasn't Aunt Vic invited??? ;) Looks like fun and I love the Robo Pumpkin!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh please, oh please, send over your pumpkin gutter. My girls will never do that part. It's always left to me ~ YUCK!!



Carrie said...

How much fun I love the robot pumpkin how cute!