Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey Handprint Shirt

Reposted from 11-2009
A few days ago I went to Made with Love and Glue and pulled up Rachel's archives from 2008. I remembered that she made 4 of her 5 kids Turkey Hand Print shirts last year (see picture below) and wanted to make my Sweet Girl one this year. (Picture courtesy of Rachel at Made with Love and Glue)

Aren't these adorable??? Love the little one below...
Rachel turkey shirt 2

I followed the link she provided to One More Moore and followed the tutorial she listed. I also googled reverse applique and came across this blog and tutorial that was very easy for me to follow.

First I turned the tshirt inside out. Then I pinned the right side of the fabric scrap to the shirt

I turned the shirt right side out, traced Sweet Girl's hand on paper, cut it out and pinned it to the front of her shirt.

I sewed around the outline of her hand print.


Yes, my turkey legs are a bit small compared to the body. :)

Being very careful, cut a slit in the t-shirt...then cut out the design.
Sew a button on...

and voila (well 30 min later) you have a Turkey Handprint Shirt!


The sick girl modeling her shirt...

Have a wonderful weekend!



Christina said...

Ah to remember those days when Chloe was young enough to wear this. I would have loved making something like that for her.

Love your sweet girl with her turkey shirt!

Amelia said...

Cute girl wearing a cute turkey. You are such a good Mother.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Very sweet! and she looks adorable!