Monday, March 29, 2010

Mosely Drive House Tour continues

I know I showed this picture a couple of weeks ago but am showing it again as part of my house tour. This is our dining room/breakfast area. Originally the house had a deck off this room but it had been torn off and the door opening closed up into a window when we bought it. After a few years in the house we added a deck and put the french doors in. It made a HUGE difference in this room giving more light and making the room feel much larger!


In case you are wondering how my dining area ties in with the rest of the house here it is from the kitchen.


(every time I look at these pictures I see all the things I had planned to do, like hang a chandelier,
change out the counter tops and flooring and it pains me that we didn't do it.
I'm telling you these projects NOW. Don't wait! :)

Then there's the Master Bedroom, remember when I talked here about the linens for our bed?

I like the soothing look of the room....


and my Sweet Girl's room...


You can see more details of her room here
Last room on the main floor, our playroom/office. It was rarely this clean. :) You can read about my window mistreatments here.

In our Moseley Drive house we had a full basement that we finished out. We added another bathroom, finished out the laundry room, my husband had a theater room and then there was junk that I stored down there much to my husbands dismay.

It was the perfect house for us to start out in and a dear little place. I have many fond memories of this house and the times we shared in it.



Christina said...

I'm so glad you have documented your sweet little first home. It was charming and always full of warmth and happiness.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

So charming. Funny, but I have missed all of our houses. Oh how I would love to have an old house again. I know that sounds crazy, but they have so much charm. Thanks for sharing. Jackie

Rachel said...

Your home is to die for! I love EVERYTHING!!! Great pictures too!!


Manuela@TPOH said...

Your girls room is so cute! You made that into a very pretty house. It must have been hard to leave after putting so much love and work into it!


Jen Kershner said...

I love your style! We have very similar taste. I think some houses just become part of us.

Building a house said...

What a beautiful and comfortable home to live in. Thank you for letting us take a tour of your sweet home.

house designs said...

What a lovely house. I like the design and the colors. It's so beautiful and elegant.