Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hippity Hop Easter "Wear"

Yesterday I went to a blog called Oh my goodness, I saw THIS and wanted to start sewing! Last night late I visited the site again, just to see her Peeps bunting again and was inspired to make something "peepish" for Sweet Girl to wear to her Easter party and Easter egg hunt at school.

I downloaded Dana's template (found here) for the peep bunny then had to size it down. I cut it out, grabbed a plain white shirt from Sweet Girl's room and a pink and white polka dot sheet I bought at Goodwill (I had already washed it) and made a peep reverse applique like I did for Thanksgiving with the turkey handprint.
I cut and ironed the fabric and pinned it right side up to the inside of the shirt.
I then pinned the paper peep on the front of her shirt...

and sewed around the paper peep
Can you see the stitch outline?
Then I pulled the shirt up and cut a slit and then carefully, making sure I wasn't cutting the fabric underneath, I cut out the peep.

I thought it looked a little plain though...
so I dug around in my fabric box and came across this trim (I always pick up bits of stuff like this at yard sales and thrift stores for pennies to add to my box of scrap'll never know when you can use it!)...

The Bunny looked a little plain so I cut a small piece of sheet and sewed a green button on. Remember I did all this between 9 and 10 so I didn't finish the edges of the strip I used or anything like that.


the finished product!


I cut another strip to use as a bow for Sweet Girl's hair...


I was so excited to wake Sweet Girl up for school and when I did I said "boy I wish you had a bunny shirt to wear to your Easter party today" and would you believe she said "well you could make me one". I squealed and said as I held up her shirt "I did!". :) I'll be filing that one away as a good Mommy moment!

Edited to add: I am linking up to V&Co. I LOVE her blog and strongly suggest you visit if you haven't already.



Christina said...

Love how you showed her just before her school party. She looks tickled pink. Hehehe

You did good!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Now that is one cutie!!! and aren't you smart to whip that up so quick. Love it. Have a blessed Easter. Jackie

Kristie said...

I had seen Dana's peeps, but I love what you did with the idea! I wonder if I have enough time to hurry and make one for my daughter before we drive out of town. . .

V and Co. said...

oh my gosh your little girl is adorable. that's what i envision my little katie looking like when she gets older!
your shirt is very cute!!! love the bunny inspired tee!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, look at that perfectly happy face. This turned out so adorable!!! Great job!
Have a wonderful Easter.
Mary Lou

Darlene said...

Awwwwww the bunny shirt turned out so CUTE and she looks absolutely adorable in it!!! I bet she had a great time wearing it!

Patty said...

Oh wow it turned out wonderfully, you do nice work ;)

Yeswanth said...

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Anonymous said...

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