Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes, I'm "bats"

Bats, bats, bats.
We don't normally decorate for Halloween but recently I saw this picture on Pinterest and loved the bats on the wall. We decided to cut some out and my husband had the idea of them coming out of the fireplace.

His first idea was to have me stand against the wall and have them coming out of my ears but I wouldn't stand still long enough. ;)

Just having a little fun with my family and enjoying this beautiful Fall season!



Amelia said...

Looks like the real thing...are they hanging or attached to the wall? I bet it took awhile to cut them all out.

Noelle said...

Love your bats!!! You inspired me to go a little batty too! :))

Christina said...

Well, I know you are bats, but I didn't know you had so many living with you. Love them. They are fun and you did a great job. BTW, like Michael's idea. haha.

Victoria said...

Thanks guys!

Mrs Amelia, we put them up with painters tape so it wouldn't harm the walls. :) They were a touch time consuming but I enlisted Sweet Girl to trace while I cut.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What fun! Your living room looks beautiful, bats and all. Have been missing you. Jackie