Monday, June 21, 2010

My delightful finds!

I love to shop yard sales. Give me an old neighborhood any day over a new one and it's even better if the people have a barn or outbuilding that they are dragging stuff out of. :)
Friday I stopped by a yard sale and over in the spider webbed corner of their outbuilding were dishes covered in dust! Ironstone and all manner of old dishes. :) I was in hog heaven.
I picked up all the Ironstone and a few other things and asked how much the dishes were. " about 10 cents each" was the reply! I nonchalantly replied "okay, I think I might get a couple other pieces". Boy did I have fun!

This heavy white pitcher set me back a whole 50 cents!

Love the stack of 7 dessert plates ...

Most everything has markings on the back of it and they are old pieces. I don't really look for any particular dishes ... just ones that I like!

If you aren't into white dishes, I also picked up this piece for the director of my daughter's school since she collects green glassware.

and this bowl with a poppy painted on it...

For now most of my finds are stacked in my corner cabinet.

I am looking for a small china cabinet that I can paint and distress and then load with my random dishes!
I do use the platters and plates. In fact, for my Sweet Girl's birthday party I put all of the food on various sized and colored platters and plates.



Amelia said...

Oh, child, you got the the most exciting purchases at the everyone of them...I bet you gasped when the price was quoted at 10 cents absolute shoppers dream price.

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Great finds!! Love all the dishes, and only $.10 how could you go wrong. We had family reunions this weekend, so no yard sale finds for me. Boo hoo.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Aren't those 10 cent finds such fun! Love them all. And wonderful pitcher. Have a wonderful week. Jackie

tina said...

What an awesome find!
(Reminder to self: it is a sin to covet, it is a sin to covet...)

Manuela@TPOH said...

I'm sure you were giddy with excitement finding all that Ironstone (I know I would have been LOL)! What a fabulous deal you got - amazing!

I've been looking for a china cabinet for months now. I just can't find the right size. I know if I wasn't looking I'd probably see one every time I go to Goodwill!


Darlene said...

WOW you hit the motherlode!!! 10 cents?????....I can't even imagine how crazy you went after that. I would be trying to find EVERY fabulous dish! I also LOVE that wonderful pitcher. Great FINDS!!

Janelle said...

Oh for heaven's sake--what a find! Those are some gorgeous dishes!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Victoria, you don't have email enabled on your comment you left me. But no I don't go to a Goodwill on 575. I usually go to the one in Smyrna and Austell. Althoug, have you been to the Classy Flea? It's in Marietta up 41 by the Big Chicken. You have to go if you haven't been and are in the area!

I'm looking for a shallow china cabinet for my DR(which is small) and I've been looking for months! I hope you have better luck!

Thanks of thinking of me when buying the plates!


Rene' said...

Great finds!! Love white dishes!!

Tammy said... have missed your calling in life! You should be a professional shopper for wonderful finds! I'll just send you my list of wants...because I never have luck like you do! Hope the birthday party went wonderfully! We had fun at the beach, but we hated missing the party!