Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A dinner party


Monday, I had the brilliant idea to have my in-laws over for dinner. Due to a surgery we will not be seeing them as much as usual between now and Christmas and I figured last night would be a good chance to spend time with them.


Did I mention my sweet Mother-in-law is the Queen of Clean and I am not? That fact is a little overwhelming to me and there are many times when I pass up opportunities to have them (or someone else) over due to my house not being clean enough (why do I think the floors need to be scrubbed anyway?). While I pondered whether or not I would have time to clean and scour my floors I was reminded of what this season is all about anyway. Forget the presents and decorations, I want to spend time with my family and friends, clean floors or not!

I told Sweet Girl we were having a Christmas dinner party and she was all for it! Out came the snowman plates that I really wasn't planning on unpacking this year, along with a tablecloth and napkins from bygone years. Now I was getting excited and in the mood for company too (except for the cleaning house bit)!


While I was putting the finishing touches on dinner, I asked Sweet Girl if she would like to make place cards. She was all for it and wrote out everyone's name and then colored each card a different color.




I let her pick the candles for the table from some I had packed away. She also made the centerpiece from snow, some Christmas trees and her Polar Bear AND she set the table as well. Boy did she enjoy helping out!


We had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying our Grammy and Grumpy's company!

Lesson learned? Clean house be darned, I will have company when I feel like it! Oh and candlelight hides a multitude of sins. ;)



Amelia said...

Wonderful - this was made even better by sweet girl getting to be part of the action...betcha your in-laws did not notice stuff being out of place or a cob webb or two...they were more pleased to visit with you all and eat some one else cooking (or at least I would be). Who knows sweet girl may want to pursue a career in the party planning business.

Carrie said...

cute table setting! I loved the name tags

Christina said...

You go girl! Everything looks beautiful. Clean house or not, you made a sweet girl happy and I'm sure two grandparents were very happy too. I need to get in the mood to have someone over. It just isn't happening.

Love the exclamation point after your name. That girl of yours is hilarious.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your Sweet Girl did a fabulous job with the table! Those are the cutest dishes!!


Gretchen said...

What a wonderful lesson to teach your daughter! It's not how clean your house is, it's enjoying the company of others and adding those special touches.

Her centerpiece and place cards are great.