Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Recent Photography Projects

My recent projects have mostly been photography sessions. Photography is something that makes me happy and the fall weather and low humidity make me want to get out and take even more pictures than usual.

Here is a little glimpse of some of the sessions that I have done recently.

A Gerber Baby

nikki michelle photo shoot Heritage 2009 280 copy

nikki michelle photo shoot Heritage 2009 217 copy




A maternity session. Joel and Sarah have since had a baby girl. I hope to take some pictures of her this week.

joel and sarah maternity 2009 194 copy

joel and sarah maternity 2009 022 copy

joel and sarah maternity 2009 333 copy

Newborn sweetheart

049 copy

An engagement

301 copy

281 copy

Victoria's sweet girl



All Smiles

498 copy

324 copy

I'm in love.

278 copy

175 copy

I'm not sure if I have shared this one before, but it is a favorite of mine. This is our beautiful sister in law, Meg (and my brother's neck). : )


What makes you happy today?

Hope you enjoyed the smiles. Have a beautiful day.



Amelia said...

Oh Christina, I could look at these pictures for a lonnnnng time...they are fantastic. Those ones of the babies must make their parents so proud...and then the picture of Victoria's sweet baby girl...oh how wonderful.

Carmen said...

YOU are a fabulous photographer! And what a bunch of cute subjects too!

Rachel said...

Wow your pictures are AMAZING!!!! You really have an eye for this stuff.

I need help in the Post processing dept. any tips?


Tabitha said...

wow..beautiful pictures. I share your love for the fall weather.

Victoria said...

Love, love, love all the pictures!

Katie said...

Those are awesome. Can you give me any photoshop tips? What blur do you use? You are awesome. I need a little help with photoshop just some good easy tips.